These 20 New Comics Are The Funniest And Most Hilarious For Fans Of Dark Humor

Humor Side Comics: The original clever cartoonish panel Rubies by Lee Rubin features talking cows, dimwitted children, and a wide variety of plants and animals. Rubin became popular among readers worldwide due to his humorous characters and ludicrous worldview. Dark humor is not a novel idea; however, André Breton, a French surrealist, was the first to coin the term in 1935. Jokes about black humor cover subjects that are typically taboo or challenging to talk about, but they frequently contain a hint of irony.

Humor Side Comics

Leigh Rubin, a renowned cartoonist, has captured the hearts of those with quirky senses of humor through his collection of 20 hilarious comics. His unique and offbeat style appeals to individuals who appreciate the unconventional and enjoy laughing at the unexpected.

Rubin’s comics are filled with clever wordplay, unexpected twists, and bizarre situations that tickle the funny bone of those with a taste for quirkiness. Each comic is expertly crafted to deliver laughs while showcasing Rubin’s artistic prowess.

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