It’s hilarious that 13 Overly Intelligent People Received What They Deserved

Overly Intelligent People: Smart people get everything they deserve. They’re always getting what they want, using the system to their advantage, and then making everyone else pay for it. The hilarious new book from superstar shares stories of rare moments when an overachiever gets a little too smart for their own good and how people love to hate those who succeed by accident.

Overly Intelligent People

I used to believe that no one could be as stupid as the caricatures in those old Disney shows because I was so young. Oh, how I was mistaken. because it turns out that these character parodies are based on real individuals. Real people who commit extremely stupid acts.

Real people who make an effort to appear smarter than the rest of us but who, by their own admission, are not. When they fall short, it’s nothing but hilarious for us to laugh at. Scroll down below to enjoy Disney Princesses. Scroll down below to enjoy Overly Intelligent People.

#1. You might want to flip it over.

Overly Intelligent People

#2. The embarrassment they must feel is palpable.

#3. A better hiding spot would have been to leave the key in the door handle.

#4. mounting a clipboard using tape. I’m curious as to why that sounds incorrect.

#5. She either cannot read English or enjoys taking chances.

#6. Yet why? Why would you commit such a stupid mistake?

Overly Intelligent People

#7. Oh wow. Wow.

#9. If if all charging stations functioned that way.

#10. Is the age of this individual nine?

Overly Intelligent People

#10. Indeed, the lengthy chicken stock has just been completely drained out.

#11. She ought to have known that men wouldn’t ever dress so nicely for a shopping trip.

#12. I believe it might not be worthwhile to remove the ceiling at all.

Overly Intelligent People

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