14 Harry Potter characters are transformed into Pokémon trainers by an artist

Harry Potter fans, this is the art you’ve been waiting for: Artist illustrates all of Harry’s beloved buddies in Pokémon form. (Just kidding.) These illustrations are cute and even more interesting than they already are, but if you’re one of those people who hates Pokémon, maybe skip this post altogether.

Harry Potter characters

Pokémon and the Harry Potter universe are not that dissimilar. Both depict gifted young people learning magical and perilous arts in an effort to become their best selves. In her Pottermon series, digital artist has gone above and beyond to imagine the Wizarding World fusing with the Pokémon universe, resulting in artworks that show your favourite Hogwarts students as Pokémon trainers.

The works of this gifted artist give us a world that combines two of our favourite things into one awesome package, from Harry and friends to He Who Shall Not Be Named. You can find more of her work on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Scroll down below to enjoy Harry Potter characters.

#1. While he was permanently prohibited, nobody could take him out of our hearts. The Pokémon trainer card for Rubeus Hagrid.

Harry Potter characters

#2. Brightened the lives of all those who joined the Potterverse. Trainer card for Fred and George Weasley from Pokémon. Together, they will always be one.

#3. He’d witnessed a lot. The Pokémon trainer card for Remus Lupin.

#4. Sirius Black’s trainer card for Pokémon is the black hound.

#5. Most beloved Animagus. Trainer card for Minerva McGonagall in Pokémon.

#6. Most beloved Animagus. Trainer card for Minerva McGonagall in Pokémon.

Harry Potter characters

#7. the trio’s foundation. Trainer ID for Ronald Weasley as a Pokémon.

#8. He will fight you and has no fear. Trainer card for Neville Longbottom from Pokémon.

#9. The Pokémon trainer card for Ginny Weasley.

Harry Potter characters

#10. This universe wouldn’t have existed without her. Card for Lily Potter’s Pokémon trainer.

#11. The rat is scabbed. Trainer ID for Peter Pettegrew in Pokémon.

#12. He was Lily’s other half, or was he? The Pokémon trainer card for James Potter.

Harry Potter characters

#13. Most likely, until the sixth book, everyone’s least favorite character, and then, after reading the seventh book, everyone’s favorite character. Trainer card for Severus Snape in Pokémon.

#14. All hearts were broken by him. Trainer card for Cedric Diggory from Pokémon.

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