Beautiful Illustrations of 13 Celebrities Next to Their Younger Selves by Artist

Illustrations of Celebrities: Artist has recently taken social media by storm with her art series that beautifully illustrates celebrities next to their younger selves. Her artwork is a unique combination of digital art, collage, and photography. The results are stunning and captivating images that bring out the contrast between the celebrity’s current look and their younger self.

Illustrations of Celebrities

Everyone has a list of the celebrities they adore the most and has seen all of their films. We all have our favourite celebrities. However, there are some celebrities who are universally loved by all. We fall madly in love with famous people. They turn us into fans by forcing us to watch all of their productions, listen to all of their albums, and read all of their books. These celebrities captivate us with their talent, and it keeps us interested all the way through. 

Celebrities frequently change their styles over time, and some do so voluntarily. Additionally, you can see a change when comparing two phases separated by a significant amount of time. Fulaleo, a gifted artist, has a particular project intended solely for making such comparisons.  The artist’s project, “Me & My Other Me,” features stunning illustrations of famous people alongside their younger selves.

#1. Bill Gates, the world’s youngest billionaire, reached the milestone at the age of 19. At a time when the majority of us are still deciding on our jobs.

Illustrations of  Celebrities

#2. In his day, he ruled the industry. Al Pacino has come a long way in his career.

#3. Elizabeth Taylor before and after.

#4. The stunning Madonna alongside her younger self.

#5. Steve Jobs, the guy who invented the iPhone and changed our perception of technology, spent his whole life developing and offering.

#6. She’s just gotten more glamorous as the years have passed. Debbie Harry next to her younger self is significantly less beautiful than her already stunning younger self.

Illustrations of  Celebrities

#7. Judi Dench in addition to her younger self.

#8.  The reigning monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. She was only 27 when she ascended to the throne. He’s been sitting pleasantly on it for almost 70 years.

#9. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop who captured millions of hearts with his moonwalk, next to his younger self.

Illustrations of  Celebrities

#10. He eternally enriched our love of music. Paul McCartney alongside his younger self.

#11. Drew Barrymore is riding on the back of her younger self.

#12. Robert De Niro alongside his younger self.

Illustrations of  Celebrities

#13. Mick Jagger, an English songwriter, with his younger self.

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