We are all cheering for the Grandmother who adopts a cat and texts us updates about it

Grandmas are often considered the beating heart of the family, offering their loved ones boundless support, love, and knowledge. Beyond just showering their grandkids with affection and goodies, grandmothers play a vital role in forming the values and customs of their families.

They are an influential force because of their unwavering love and advice, which create a lasting influence on everyone they come into contact with. The age-old custom of grandparents preparing their grandkids’ favourite meals and the grandkids stuffing their cheeks till they are unable to breathe is something we cannot overlook.

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This is Fern, and she was adopted from a shelter, where OP took her grandmother.

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We got quite a few pictures of Fern as she got used to her forever home.

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Fern also apparently loves getting brushed, which makes her the opposite of my cat.

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Who wouldn’t like the name Fern? I think the name was made for her!

The grandmother is having a grand old time with Fern, and the state of her bedroom is clear proof of that.

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The grandmother is clearly excited to share every little experience with Fern with her grandson.

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Honestly, Fern is adorable, and I am glad Grandma and the kitten found each other.

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