Jobs on Comics Hut


Program Advantages

  • Receive 3.50 dollars for every 1000 views during the first 30 days following publishing.
  • Payments have no minimum or limit.
  • Google’s comprehensive metrics interface tracks views.
  • Earn as much as your capacity will allow.
  • Directly interact with our editorial staff.
  • Payments sent automatically through PayPal.
  • Become a well-known author and have millions of people read your work!

Programme Prerequisites

  • Our editorial staff must accept your application.
  • must produce no less than 4 articles each month.
  • The suggested word count for each article is between 1500 and 2000 words.
  • Possibility of producing popular, interesting articles that draw readers.
  • Be a proficient, competitive writer who can list shocking or contentious issues.
  • List articles are highly advised as they will broaden your audience reach.
  • Keep an eye on your statistics and keep working.