20 Funny Maxine Comics About Everyday Life Are Packed With Funny Jokes

Welcome to Maxine’s new blog, where she shares her amusing stories and travels. Artist John Wagner produced this web comic series in 1986 for Hallmark’s Shoebox Greetings division. He finds inspiration in the strong personalities of his own family members. He made comics about Maxine, an intelligent, funny, and nonsense-loving old citizen. She’s the elderly woman who discovers herself doing foolishly as she gets older.

Funny Maxine Comics

Maxine’s Place Comics was the name under which he began the web comic series. This comic strip, as its name implies, is entirely based on the amusing insights and experiences of an elderly woman. Maxine is primarily shown as the lead character in his comics.

For single-panel humor lovers, there is a collection of her best comics below:





















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