20 Funny “Off The Mark” Comics By Artist Mark Parisi With Dark Twists

Dark Twists

Dark Twists: Lighthearted humor is the way to go, and comics are the finest location to discover it, as we have realized. We only need comics that are humorous with a bit of darkness right now, and Mark Parisi, a gifted English cartoonist, is the gem who works tirelessly to provide us precisely that. Since he began Off The Mark in 1987, things for the artist have taken a meteoric rise.

Dark Twists

Prepare to be entertained and surprised as we delve into the world of “Off The Mark” comics by the talented artist Mark Parisi. Known for his unique blend of humor and dark twists, Parisi’s comics are guaranteed to leave you chuckling and questioning your expectations.

In this section, we will explore 20 of his funniest creations that take unexpected turns into the realm of darkness. From clever wordplay to cleverly executed visual gags, each comic is a testament to Parisi’s wit and creativity.

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