Boyfriend Questions if it’s wrong that he wants to keep the Cat After Breakup

keep the Cat After Breakup

keep the Cat After Breakup: Today’s Reddit AITA story’s OP is going through a difficult breakup. Because they co-owned a pet, this already complicated situation was made even more challenging. After his long-term relationship with girlfriend Shelby abruptly ended, the OP ended up going to Reddit to see if he was in the wrong.

keep the Cat After Breakup

It’s not uncommon for relationships to involve beloved pets, and when a breakup happens, things can get complicated, especially if both parties have grown attached to the furry companion. If your boyfriend is questioning whether it’s wrong that he wants to keep the cat after a breakup, it shows his emotional connection and concern for the well-being of the pet.

Navigating pet custody post-breakup can be tricky, but it’s essential to prioritize what’s best for the cat. Open communication and finding an amicable solution that considers the cat’s welfare should be the focus. Remember, pets are family too, and their happiness and care should always come first.

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#1. OP’s girlfriend changed her mind about having children, which led to the breakup of their eight-year relationship.

#2. Is OP at fault in this situation? Let’s investigate.

#3. It has been very difficult to calculate the logistics of dividing their belongings.

#4. The girlfriend of OP was returning to live with her parents. Together, the two had a cat, initially suggested by Shelby but eventually taken on by OP.

#5. Even though OP hadn’t brought up the subject of the cat by then, she was eager for one because her parents’ home was filthy and overrun with animals.

#6. OP’s girlfriend became enraged and started accusing OP of being the one who wanted the cat.

#7. She nodded, but was overcome with tears. Is OP treating everyone fairly?

#8. In this case, OP made the best decision.

#9. Logically speaking, it’s best for the cat if it stays with OP.

#10. If the cat were placed in a house full of animals, it would struggle mightily to become settled.

#11. OP is giving more than any of us could possibly give.

#12. Wishing for the best for OP and his ex-girlfriend.

#13. If she could come see them, she might feel better.

#14. Very much is.

#15. All OP is doing is playing cat dad.

#16. OP is not at all at fault.

#17. Felix needs to be protected above all else.

#18. Proud of OP, NGL.

#19. An alternative perspective on this matter.

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