31 Hardworking Independent Dogs Who Can Pay Their Own Bills Without Help From Humans

Hardworking Independent Dogs

Woof! Are you tired of your doggo just lounging around, expecting belly rubs and treats all day? Well, fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of 31 hardworking independent dogs who can pay their own bills without any help from humans. Yes, you read that right – these pups are self-sufficient entrepreneurs ready to take on the world!

Hardworking Independent Dogs

While it’s common knowledge that dogs are extremely fortunate to not need to commute to work every day, this is untrue. There are dogs that work real jobs, serving humanity and working to improve the planet. To honor the dogs who work, there is a subreddit called “Dogs With Jobs.”

These canines are employed as K-9s, therapy dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs, and service dogs. We’ve put together 31 sweet and morally-respectable images of working dogs today. Scroll down and have fun!

#1. This dog is employed at the neighborhood print shop counter:

Via: Gabriel_NDG

#2. “A police dog calendar was created by the Vancouver Police Department. It includes this fierce picture of a K9 and its handler.

Via: gangbangkang

#3. “My dog assumed I was hyperventilating because I was laughing, so he brought me my emergency inhaler. Many thanks, friend? LOL.

Via: ohnorosa

#4. They are undoubtedly making their owners happy:

Via: mikewall

#5. “Bretagne.” At 16 years old, the last search and rescue dog from 9/11 was lost. The most lovely girl.

Via: fulleffect7737


Via: unknown_human

#7. “This is Ohio Highway Patrolman Ronny. Please refrain from making fun of him; he worked really hard for his photo.

Via: k0ella

#8. There are now 200 penguins living in the colony under the protection of two dogs.

Via: reddit.com

#9. This guy deserves a raise:

Via: getahaircut8

#10. “Take your child to work day (with a therapy dog)”

Via: BiggieBoiTroy

#11. They appear ecstatic to have finished their work:

Via: Houseplatho

#12. A 9/11 rescue dog searching for the survivors:

Via: seesquaredd

#13. Introducing Morty. After Hurricane Maria, he was sent to Puerto Rico.

Via: gangbangkang

#14. Look at these punctual therapists:

Via: DisDudeForReal

#15. The most attractive guide dog we’ve ever seen in pictures:

Via: bitchyswiftie

#16. This kind boy consoles children and facilitates their testimony in court:

Via: et-tuBrute

#17. K-9 doggos at their training:

Via: duuuk

#18. “This is Arty; he is a therapy or service dog in training. Probably a therapy dog at this rate.

Via: Filleroftoilets

#19. “We would like to pay tribute to the men, women, and K9s who put their lives in danger on 9/11.”

Via: exploreorg

#20. “My hometown police department celebrated this courageous officer’s birthday. Max, happy birthday!

Via: everdayday


Via: tropicalmedly


Via: Remember__Me


Via: EXIDFanboy


Via: Dronesandwildshit


Via: Fitbumblebee


Via: jmascoli


Via: MathBlur


Via: imjustadudeguy

#29. The ideal pillow for my chair is this one:

Via: AnoushkaChopra

#30. MEEKA receives the Employee of the Month award:

Via: Mrs_WillieStroker

#31. Jax, the official stamp licker:

Via: leonardodankvinci

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