After feeding the cat Chicken without asking, the Cat Owner expects her sister to pay the Vet bills

Cat Owner expects

Cat Owner expects: No matter how brief or lengthy the owner’s instructions may be, it is imperative to prioritize adhering to them when caring for someone else’s pet. Every instruction has a purpose, most of the time. One thing you must also remember is that you will never know a pet better than the owner.

Cat Owner expects

But when a Redditor decided to disregard one of the pet owner’s directions, they found themselves in a difficult situation, as they recently shared on r/AITA. The original poster (OP) of the article mentioned their sister as being like a mother to her cat. The OP persuaded the sister to allow them to watch the pets when she had to leave on a business trip.

In this scenario, tensions can arise when boundaries are crossed, especially when it comes to the care of our beloved pets. Let’s explore how a simple act of feeding chicken to a cat without permission can lead to unexpected consequences and financial responsibilities. It serves as a reminder that communication is key, even in seemingly minor matters such as pet care.

Source: Reddit

#1. It seems that the feline was following a specific diet.

Source: Reddit

#2. It’s fortunate for OP that the cat experienced a mild allergic reaction rather than a severe one.

Source: Reddit

#3. If the cat had not received prompt medical attention as a result of OP’s error, it might have proved fatal.

Source: Reddit

#4. Instead of stepping in on her own, OP ought to have spoken with her sister if she believed the cat’s food was the issue.

Source: Reddit

#5. We don’t know from the post whether the cat was following a vegan diet or not.

#6. It does not follow that a cat that is allergic to chicken cannot eat other meats.

#7. Op’s sister discovered the issue right away—she wasn’t making up the allergy thing.

#8. Because OP thought her sister was imposing her vegan standards on the cat, she made the error.

#9. The cat is experiencing an allergic reaction, so her sister can’t be telling lies.

#10. Many cat food brands substitute scientific or fancy names for actual meat.

#11. There was an argument in the thread about whether dogs and cats were required carnivores or omnivores.

#12. “Vegans should not at all include cats. They must eat carnivores.

#13. The cat should have been fed the food that its owner gave it.

#14. Now that all of this is OP’s fault, not only is her sister refusing to pay her for the pet sitting, but she also wants OP to cover the vet bills.


#16. The two most important things in OP’s sister’s life are her vegan diet and her cat.


#18. OP disregarded her sister’s advice and fed her cat chicken instead of rice.

Source: Reddit

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