The owners of these 20 absurd pet names shared them in a now viral Twitter thread

Pet Names: As we explore the amusing world of our feline pals, get ready to be delighted and delighted. This section contains 20 hilarious names about cats causing happy in their devoted homes. If you’ve ever shared your life with a furry friend, these tales of mischievous behavior and unexpected surprises will have you laughing aloud and nodding in agreement.

Pet Names

Consider your options carefully and determine whether you can really provide a pet with the care and attention it requires before calling a breeder or visiting a local shelter.

As you read about cats finding themselves in a variety of humorous situations, such as toppling priceless artifacts or wreaking havoc at strange hours, get ready to be entertained. These are some hilarious names that will make you smile and remind you why cats are known for being both cute and cunning animals.





















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