35 Kittens Seen Having Fun at Other People’s Houses

Oh, what a purrfectly delightful sight! 34 kittens seen having the time of their lives at other people’s houses. It seems these mischievous furballs are on a mission to spread joy and leave a trail of cuteness wherever they go.

Funny Kittens

From pouncing on unsuspecting shoelaces to knocking over houseplants in the most dramatic fashion, these little felines sure know how to keep things interesting. Who needs reality TV when you have a house full of kittens with their own show going on?

One can only imagine the chaos and laughter that ensues as these tiny explorers navigate through new spaces, leaving no pillow unturned and no shoe lace unchewed. It’s like a mini circus on four paws! So next time you spot 34 kittens having fun at other people’s houses, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Who knows, you might even catch yourself grinning from ear to ear at their antics!

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#1 A few days ago, these two appeared on my porch in need of love and food.

Image source: Kitty Allister


Image source: Greg Hook

#3 This Gorgeous Boy Had Been Having Breakfast At My House For Years.

Image source: Heather Patenaude

#4 My Husband… Not Our Cat

Image source: Schnade Cee


Image source: Megan Holley

#6 This tiny fluffy creature crept in and decided that my wife’s crocheted basket made a cozy bed.

Image source: Jeff Call

#7 The other evening, I went to my friend’s house. To get something to drink, she went through to the kitchen.

Image source: Alex Petrovic

#8 My House Not My Cat

Image source: Emily Wincek

#9 This Weak Old Boy Who Isn’t My Cat Is Constantly Attempting To Enter My Home

Image source: Natasha Coreen

#10 My cat wasn’t found breaking into my restroom. He’s adorable, raucous, and didn’t say sorry for bursting in.

Image source: Angela Pavey

#11 When I arrived home late two weeks ago, I could hear the neighbor’s cat meowing repeatedly and wandering in front of the house.

Image source: Etsocal Spencer

#12 My neighborhood has at least two identical grey cats that frequently visit my house. I only own one grey cat (the one in the middle).

Image source: Sidney Abbott


Image source: Vicki Martin Meekins

#14 My House, Not My Cat. He Comes And Goes

Image source: Reka Tecsy

#15 Whose cat is this, and why is it in my bathroom, I dunno, but I think I should have knocked first.

Image source: Ethan Adams

#16 My Balcony, Not My Cat

Image source: Ana Paula Medeiros

#17 All of you, Become acquainted with Louie. He’s my landlord’s cat, and he visits and hangs out with me every day despite living in a different house.

Image source: Paige Tregurtha

#18 Not My Tabby, But My Home, My Sleeping Teen, My Grey and White Cat (Lentils)

Image source: Lena Royale

#19 A charming little cat appeared at our door shortly after we moved to a new neighborhood and took a tour of the inside of the house.

Image source: Anna Mast

#20 I went to the kitchen to make coffee after leaving the living room. It seems that I also left the front door open. Two Cats Are Mine. Not One Of Them Is This

Image source: Deanna Finley

#21 Home of Mine. Gerald, my crazy skeleton dude. Not My Furry Pet. He Now Belongs To Gerald

Image source: Dustin Deckert

#22 When my mother-in-law opened the door after hearing meowing, the baby waltzed right in.

Image source: Ashley Raekatherine

#23 So, the other day, this guy showed up. We Were Able To Get In Touch With The Owner Because He Had A Chip. Thanks To The Vets

Image source: Lynn A. Marad


Image source: Lucien Ross

#25 I have no idea who this guy is, yet he comes home every day.

Image source: Kareem El Deeb

#26 Purchased a Microchip Cat Flap to Prevent Other Cats From Entering And Taking Meals

Image source: Sheree George

#27 I Told This Boy He Wasn’t My Cat For 2 Years. A Year And A Half Ago I Finally Caved And He Is Now My Cat. He Purrs Every Time I Tell Him He’s My Cat And He Has A Home

Image source: Taryn Cominiello

#28 I used my dark voice to call my cat in. He rushed in. Activated the lights. Not My Cat, This

Image source: Kim Fowkes

#29 I went upstairs and got in bed. This Dude Rejects It. My home, my bedroom, my comforter… You guessed correctly. Not My Flippin’ Cat

Image source: Clair Chapman

#30 When I went outside, this little man ran into my apartment. On October 21st, he arrived. Octavius is his name, but I refer to him as 21 Savage.

Image source: Dezuhrayy Bee

#31 This attractive man keeps entering my home through the cat doors belonging to my cats.

Image source: Amy Wardlow

#32 My Washing Machine. Not My Cat

Image source: Lauren Mabbley

#33 I discovered this laboring cat on my porch today.

Image source: Frank Kohl

#34 Definitely “My House Not My Cat”

Image source: Domoina

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