These 21 Kittens Will Do Anything To Get Attention

I still have a lot to learn about this species, even having been a cat parent for many years. You will never truly understand your cat. Your cat will suddenly turn around on you just when you think you are really getting the hang of it, leaving you starting over from scratch.

Cats Attention

These 21 gorgeous pictures feature creatures who have not only found new homes, but have also been given second chances at life. You’ll undoubtedly go “aww” and grab some Kleenex when you see these adorable companions.

Throughout this compilation, you will discover heartwarming stories of 21 cats who have brought an abundance of fun and happiness to their owners. From mischievous antics to adorable quirks, these feline friends have left lasting impressions on the lives they touch.

1. Hands up!

Via @StumblerTop

2. She most likely became weary of pleading for attention.

3. Filling the gaps.

4. Peek-a-boo!

Via @missenell

5. I am the tablet.

6. Boop! Turn around!

7. When there is a cat around, productivity is impossible.

Via @dananessel

8. Excuse me, sir, pay attention to me.

9. Homework? What homework?

10. Cats > Girlfriends.

Via @CdyRnkn

11. I’m going to take a nap right here.

12. Well, that is one way of getting attention.

Via @AHappierDay

13. Let me just squeeze in.

14. I want to do some research too.

15. All the cuddles he desires are his to have.

Via @professor_dave

16. Tap, tap.

17. I’m more important!

Via @Cats

18. He’s angry.

19. “My daughter believed that cat should soak the floof.”

20. “Cat strapped in baby doll car seat by daughter”

21. They made her a new look.

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