Buddy Gator Artist Created These Adorable Animal Comics To Spread Some Positivity

Buddy Gator Artist Created These Adorable Animal Comics To Spread Some Positivity

1. Buddy Gator – A Lion And A Giraffe

A lion and a giraffe have been best friends since they were cubs. As they grew older, their friendship only got stronger. One day, the two lions decided to take a walk together. When they came across a herd of giraffes, they stopped to watch them eat some grass. After watching them for a while, the lions decided to join the giraffes. Soon after, the three animals became fast friends.

2. Buddy Gator – An Elephant And A Hippo

An elephant and a hippopotamus have always had a great relationship. They enjoy spending time together and hanging out at the water hole. One day, the elephants went to visit the hippos. While they were swimming around, they saw a crocodile trying to catch fish. The hippos told the elephants not to worry about him. The elephants then asked if they could help. The hippos agreed and taught the elephants how to use their trunks to scoop up the fish.

3. Buddy Gator – Two Dogs

Two dogs have been best friends ever since they were puppies. They love playing fetch and going for walks together. One day, the dogs went for a walk along the beach. Suddenly, they spotted a seal. The dogs ran over to play with the seal. Then, they noticed something strange. There was a boat full of people coming towards them. The dogs started barking and scared away the people.

4. Buddy Gator – Three Cats

Three cats have been best friends since childhood. They spend lots of time together and hang out whenever they get the chance. One day, the cats went for a walk along a riverbank. They saw a turtle stuck in the mud. The cats tried to pull the turtle out, but couldn’t budge it. So, they called upon the turtles friend who lived nearby. He helped them move the turtle out of the mud.

5. Buddy Gator – Four Horses

Four horses have been best friends since birth. They enjoy riding together and taking long rides. One day, the four horses went for a ride along a lake shore. They saw a group of ducks swimming near the shore. The horses wanted to go closer to check things out. But, before they knew it, the ducks swam away.

6. Buddy Gator – Five Birds

Five birds have been best friends since their youth. They enjoy flying together and singing songs. One day, the five birds flew off to find food. They landed on a tree branch and ate berries. The birds enjoyed eating the berries until they heard a loud noise. They looked up to see a hawk swooping down and attacking the bird’s nest. The birds immediately took flight and left the area.

7. Buddy Gator – Six Monkeys

Six monkeys have been best friends since infancy. They enjoy playing together and climbing trees. One day, the six monkeys went for a hike in the jungle. They climbed a tall tree and watched the sunset. Before they knew it, the sun set and it began getting dark. The monkeys didn’t want to leave the safety of the tree. So, they stayed up all night talking and laughing.

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