20 new Humor Comics by Bill Whitehead

Humor Comics: In the fifth grade, Bill began copying cartoons from comic strips, the New Yorker, and editorial cartoons, which was the beginning of his career as a cartoonist. Bill won a cartoon contest in the Saturday Evening Post, and the Kansas Press Association for a few years named him the best editorial cartoonist for weeklies in the state of Kansas. Bill believes that cartoonists should amuse themselves before entertaining others. He hopes his readers enjoy reading Free Range as much as he is.

Humor Comics

A one-panel cartoon is a tiny flash of humor that is full of wit and ingenuity. These cartoons depict a humorous moment in a single frame that will make you smile. They offer a comic punch with accuracy, similar to visual punchlines.

One-panel cartoons have a special capacity to instantly provoke smiles and amusement, whether it’s a witty play on words, a clever take on a familiar topic, or a comic juxtaposition. They are short and to the point, getting right to the funny part and leaving you wanting more. Prepare to be delighted by these amazing visual humor morsels that are packed into a single panel.


Humor Comics






Humor Comics




Humor Comics




Humor Comics





Humor Comics




Humor Comics


Humor Comics

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