13 Cartoon Characters Made into 3D CGI Now Look Like Nightmare Material

Cartoon Characters: In recent years, 3D CGI has become a popular way to bring beloved cartoon characters into the real world. However, some of these attempts have resulted in some very creepy and nightmare-inducing results. From classic cartoon characters to those from more modern shows, it seems like no character is safe from being turned into a 3D CGI monster.

Cartoon Characters

We all grew up watching cartoons or consuming media that contained a sizable amount of them. That is to say, even though some of us may not have watched every single episode of Sponge bob Square pants in order, we have still occasionally seen some memes featuring the characters.

For instance, even if you, the reader, haven’t watched any episodes of Dragon Ball Z, you can’t help but be influenced by what Dragon Ball stands for. Characters with implausible hair, who grow more powerful the more they scream, and who simply have to shout out the name of their signature move as it gets stronger. Probably.

#1. Piccolo 

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