23 Images Of Broken Cats That Had People Asking “What’s Wrong With My Cat?”

Are you ready to dive into the mysterious world of cats who seem to have malfunctioned? These quirky felines have left their owners scratching their heads and wondering, “What iss wrong with my cat?” From contorted poses to hilarious expressions, these images will make you laugh, cry, and possibly question if your own cat is secretly part of a circus act.

Broken Cats

Whether they are attempting yoga poses that would put a pretzel to shame or giving you the classic “I have no idea what I’m doing” look, these broken cats are sure to brighten your day.

But when they’re awake, cats have a way of making mundane situations funny adventures, and it’s very entertaining to watch their playful side come to life. So sit back, relax, and prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as we unravel the enigma of our furry friends in their most ungraceful moments. Who knew that being broken could be so adorable?

#1. She Has Several Beds, But She Always Goes for the Box

via yeehawings

#2. His Happy Place Is In My Robe

via FrankieAndBoots

#3. After cleaning himself, my grumpy son sat in this position for an additional thirty minutes.

via AzulaOblongata

#4. Exiting the shower to find this

via -ShootTheMoon-

#5. My Special Girl

via GeneralLiu

#6. Sitting on the sofa, she mimics how she sees humans.

via JMP0492

#7. My Friend’s Cat May Be Having Issues

via yeehawings

#8. Shoulder Cat

via Silojm

#9. His first self-portrait in the mirror

via EmlJnke

#10. He Believes He Is Unseen

via momoftheraisin

#11. Sentient Dryer Lint

via Brilliant_War4087


via igneus

#13. Roomba No Worky

via SylviaTheFlorist

#14. Enjoy My Lemur Cat

via dnicelee


via sweet-lovely-death


via NoreenMasud

#17. Curly Sleeps On My Desk In An Quite Interesting Position

via metsadeer

#18. Dan, really? Is It Not Possible For You To Turn On The TV?

via catcurio

#19. Life’s Too Hard, Man

via catcurio

#20. My Couch Keeps Attacking Me

via trashabilly

#21. Sure, tell me what’s wrong.

via catcurio

#22. Winston is stopping by to greet you.

via mycatsagirl

#23. Weird Children and an Exhausted Mother

via xxMaridxx

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