17 Times Pet Owners Had to Admit Their Animals Were “Broken”

Pet Owners: Animals are the most precious things on Earth. No matter how much we talk about animals, there would always be something new about animals to talk about. Animals do different things to make their hoomans happy.

Pet Owners

They used to climb on the window, sleep in the planter, hide beneath the rug, and sit in strange ways. You would merely have to look at them to burst out laughing. We’ve put together this collection of 17 amusing images of animals that appear to be broken. Enjoy by scrolling down!

1. To be honest, I have no idea what Toast is doing.

© skzhansol / Reddit

2. Let’s begin with this lovely tweet featuring a cat that speaks nothing but the truth.


3. That’s how you sleep when you are a cat and have a planter in your house:

© there_isn_t_of_what / Reddit

4. “I think my cat has picked up on my gay limp wrist”

© overdue_panic / Reddit

5. When your dog thinks he is a squirrel:

© Kats-Doges / Reddit

6. Observe those eyes. It wasn’t deserving of what transpired.


7. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?”

© yungkrueger / Reddit

8. As soon as you step outside and witness your owners having a romantic moment

© FelecityIsMyName / Reddit

9. This is Charlie.

© highfivesandhandjobs / Reddit

10. “He’s about to speak Italian”

© fyae / Reddit

11. “My kitten stole a glove she found in another room, tried to climb the scratching post, and dropped it.”

© d*dsoulinside / Reddit

12. Is that a giraffe sleeping on a couch?

© feathersoft / Reddit

13. When you go to the dishwasher to load it with dishes and your cat is already resting in it as if it belongs to her:

© MineCal / Reddit

14. I’m so happy that this baby can now sleep soundly.


15. When your pup jumps in the bathtub and then pretends as if she is stuck:

© theygotmedoinstuff / Reddit

16. When your cat believes he is invisible while you are playing hide and seek with him

© GuessSmithereens / Reddit

17. When you try to steal food because you’re hungry but fail, then you just lie down there to sleep

© dear_omar / Reddit

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