This Canadian Artist Produces Funny Comics With Unexpected Conclusions That May Shock You

Funny Comics: Murray’s work is often based on his own life experiences and he likes to use humor to get people to think about serious issues. He also likes to explore human relationships, as well as the human psyche in general.

Funny Comics

A Canadian artist who goes by the name of Joe King has been drawing comics for over ten years. His comics are often funny, but what makes them different is that they always have an unexpected ending. He says he does this because he wants to make people laugh and also to show them that there is always hope. 

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Funny Comics






Funny Comics




Funny Comics


Whether it’s in real life or not, I genuinely enjoy making people laugh. Why not share my comics with everyone since they make me laugh? I appreciate the feedback, and it makes me feel good when someone says that my comic changed their day or that they haven’t laughed so hard in a while. 

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