Hilarious And Dark Comics With A Sudden Twist By Scribbly

Scribbly is the name of the comic book author and illustrator. He has a deep interest in horror comics and has been creating them since he was a kid. Scribbly comics are dark but hilarious. They have some sort of a twist that you don’t see coming, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when you reach the end of one of his comics. Scribbly comics are perfect for a laugh, but sometimes take a dark turn with the very same punchline.

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Scribbly is a one of a kind comics about people, animals, and other living things that have been drawn with pencils. The drawings may seem very normal at first, but there’s always a sudden twist that will make you laugh and get your attention. Scribbly is not only funny but also educational in its own way because it teaches readers how to draw various objects with pencils. Artists also use this app to sharpen their skills by trying to replicate the drawings in Scribbly as best as they can.








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