Hedger Humor’s 10 Cartoons Show What Parenting Is Really Like in Real Life

Cartoons Show: The illustrations are the work of a married woman and mother who prefers to stay anonymous, but goes by the name Hedger Humor on the internet. She’s been drawing since she was three-years old and has had her work published in many local newspapers.

The cartoons are of course meant to be humorous, or at least somewhat amusing for parents out there who can sympathize with them. In some cases they’re just downright silly! But one thing that this blog has going for it is that it’s very well-written with high-quality images to go along with it – this is not your typical funny parenting meme page on Facebook.

Cartoons Show

For parents, being a parent is hard. It is probably the hardest job in the world. It’s also an expensive job and can leave you feeling frustrated and exhausted – at any time of day! Hedger Humor, has created some cartoons that really illustrate what being a parent is like. Every parent can relate to them in some way. And they’re funny! So take a look and get ready to have your heart warmed or broken by this funny yet true depiction of what parenting life can be like!

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Cartoons Show






Cartoons Show




Cartoons Show


Hedger Humor has come forward with a new set of illustrations depicting the trials and tribulations of parenting. The usual negative emotions that one might perceive in cartoons are replaced with humor and sarcasm to show not only the positive aspects but also the challenging moments that parents go through. Click here!

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