This Japanese Artist Created 12 Miniature Magical Worlds (New Pics)

Tetsumi Kudo is a Japanese artist who has been creating these magical worlds for the past 60 years. In this article we will be looking at some of his most notable and popular pieces of work.

Okamoto had a unique technique where he would create his artworks by pouring acrylic paint onto the areas of his body that were not in use and then used those areas to create abstract shapes and spirals. This technique was what made him famous and enabled him to become one of Japan’s best-known contemporary artists.

Okamoto had an interesting life. He lived through World War II, when Japan was in great poverty, as well as the Vietnam War, which left many Japanese people with a feeling of being isolated from other Asian countries.

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Magical Worlds






Magical Worlds




Magical Worlds




Magical Worlds

While there are many examples in his work of work that show his use of Eastern techniques like brush painting, he was also heavily influenced by Western styles like Impressionism.” The artist’s worlds are often modeled after natural landscapes, such as Mount Fuji and the ocean. They create a sense of peace and open up a space for fantasy. Click here!

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