Funny Comics With Shockingly Dark Conclusions

On Funny Girls, we publish and write about the funniest comics and posts on the internet. We also like to share our discoveries with our readers. One thing we love to talk about is the dark humor genre. This is a type of comedy that can be difficult to find, but also very rewarding. Here are some of the best dark comics that will make your day.

Funny Comics

The best thing about reading internet comics is how they can be very witty and clever, but also emotionally impactful. If you’re seeking a way to get a few laughs and howls of laughter, it’s often easier to find online comics with dark endings. Here are some online comics with funny and surprising dark endings. Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Dark Endings is a blog about comics with dark endings. It’s about comics that are usually light-hearted, but have some that are unexpected.

You ever read a comic that you think is hilarious, but then the ending comes and you can’t believe they didn’t warn you? They have a silly cover, which is almost too funny to be real, but then you get to the end and it’s not funny at all. That’s the kind of comic this is. It starts out funny, but then it suddenly flips.


Funny Comics
Funny Comics



Funny Comics


Funny Comics

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