Dad Illustrates How His Baby Son And Their Dog Experience Friendship

Dad Illustrates How His Baby Son And Their Dog Experience Friendship

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Dad’s pride and joy, his dog, Max, is the first and most important person in the world to his child. The two of them play a big part in dad’s life as they go on all sorts of adventures. Max loves to go on walks and runs around chasing after little Theo, so it’s important to keep them both happy and excited.

A big part of being a parent is learning how to be a good friend. If you’re the type of person who really likes puppies, then you’re going to want this particular story to be your favorite. From the dad, it’s nice to know that his son and their dog are a good match. The dad describes his son and his dog as friendly. They like each other a lot and they are both good friends. It’s nice to see that they take care of each other, even when they aren’t family.

Every parent knows that the one thing that makes or breaks their relationship with their child is their relationship with their dog. For every parent who feels guilty about not socializing enough with their child, there is another one who sacrificed his or her family time for the sake of their child’s dog. Considering that a dog is a member of the family, it makes sense that a dog shares the same bond with them as any other member of the family.


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Dogs and babies? What’s not to love? Children love dogs and babies love dogs, right? Well, it turns out the cozying up to a fuzzy buddy isn’t quite as simple as that. Accommodating their quirks and tricks is a challenge at best.



On a recent road trip with my family, we stopped at a random gas station for a quick restroom break. Sitting in the little cubicle out of the way was our one-year-old son and their two little dogs. It seemed like a perfect time to share some pictures of the two of them. 


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I’ve always been a big fan of these photos because I’ve found that they’re just so natural and feel so warm and welcoming. Only because they’re genuine will they be memorable. Make sure you share some of these with your friends and family.


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