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Comics With Dark Twists By Puddle munch (10 Pics)

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There was a time that comics were for children. But then, something changed. It seems kids were walking into comic shops, buying comics on an impulse, and being immediately exposed to a wide range of influences and styles from other comic books. I think the time is nigh to make comics again for kids.

Puddlemunch is a digital artist and cover designer who has illustrated comics and covers for Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. He is also the creator of some of the gaming’s most popular characters, including the legendary Slender Man. He spends his days producing comic stories and covers for adults, but he’s also a regular speaker at comic conventions for adults and kids alike.






If you’re looking for something different, something along the lines of a horror comic, then Puddlemunch is definitely the blog for you. With Dark Twists being published by Puddlemunch, you can expect some strange concepts and stories.






One of the things I love about these kind of comics are the dark twists that happen in many of their stories. These stories usually involve some sort of mystery and the uncovering of a hidden truth.




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