Artist Creates Funny Comics In Hopes Of Sharing A Laugh With Somebody

When one artist feels like they are alone in the world, sometimes a laugh is all that is needed. That’s where these funny comics come in. Every day, an artist named Jan Fischer draws a comic on their Instagram account. The comic tells a story of why they are feeling down and what they hope will cheer them up. 

Funny Comics

It’s not always easy to find something funny to laugh at in life, but when people see these comics on social media, it can really make the day. Comics are still a popular form of entertainment. 

This article will share with you the work of one particular artist, who has taken the time to create these comics and put them on social media for us to enjoy. Nobody would be surprised if they found out that this artist is suffering from depression or other mental illness they are trying to deal with but at least they have been able to find some comfort in art and humor in their life.











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