21 Satire And Deadpan Humor Comics By Steve Nelson

Humor Comics

Steve Nelson, popularly known as Snelse, is a comic book creator who combined his love of comedy and art to create comics. According to Steve, “I got tired of writing comedy scripts that will never be produced, so I decided to make something where I could present my comedy instead. Drawing seemed to be the perfect approach to communicate my humor because I have always loved doing it. He did it brilliantly, and a lot of people enjoy his comics every day.

Humor Comics

The cartoonist’s comics have a distinct style of sarcasm and deadpan comedy. As you can see, his comics switch between text-based and picture-only gags and colors to black and white and vice versa.

Additionally, they always include a humorous component that readers can explore. Despite having a straightforward, cartoony, crude design and focusing on dry, snarky, and bizarre jokes, Steve’s comics consistently succeed in their aim to make viewers laugh.

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