10 Comics by Skeleton Claw Are Slightly Dark And Funny

Skeleton Comics: Skeleton Claw is an artist and illustrator from the UK, who started drawing comics in 2016. He creates dark and often humorous comics which are influenced by his own life experiences. Comics can be a great way to tell stories and Skeleton Claw’s comics are no exception. They are often dark, but they can also be funny, depending on the situation.

Skeleton Comics

Skeleton Claw is a cartoonist and illustrator who started drawing comics in 2013. The comics are dark, sometimes funny, and always thought provoking.  Skeleton Claw also creates illustrations for books, magazines, album covers and more. The comic series “Slightly Dark And Amusing: Comics by Skeleton Claw” is a collection of dark, witty, and sometimes disturbing comics.

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Skeleton Comics






Skeleton Comics




Skeleton Comics



This comic series was created by an anonymous artist who goes by the alias “Skeleton Claw”. The comics are a mix of horror and humor with occasional references to pop culture. Click here

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