10 Funny animal comics by False Knees that depict what is actually occurring in the wild

Funny Animal Comics That Show What Is Really Happening Out In The Wild By ‘False Knees’ is an example of this type of comic strip. This comic is about animals and what they do in the wild. Animals are often seen as funny because they act differently than humans do. This comic illustrates some of the funny things that animals do in the wild by using false knees – which are just two lines drawn with a marker to represent an animal’s legs – to show how they move around and interact with one another.

Animal Comics

The comics are humorous and they also have a serious message. They come with captions that provide explanations for what you are looking at, which makes it easy to understand what is going on. False Knees uses animals as examples of how nature works and teaches readers about biology, ecology and evolution.

False Knees is an excellent way for people who don’t know much about biology or ecology to learn more about it from home or at work without having to read through dense textbooks or watch boring lectures.

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Animal Comics






Animal Comics




Animal Comics


Funny Animal Comics That Show What Is Really Happening Out In The Wild By ‘False Knees’ is an Instagram account that posts comics of animals to show what they are really up to in the wild.        Click here!

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