This Illustrator Creates Humorous One Panel Comics Without Using A Word

Humorous Comics: This artist, who goes by the name of “The Oatmeal,” is a web cartoonist who draws humorous one-panel comics without using a single word. The comics are usually full of amusing puns and clever references to pop culture. This Artist Makes Humorous One-Panel Comics Without Using A Single Word.

Humorous Comics

A cartoonist has taken the internet by storm with his quirky comics that don’t use any words at all. Self-taught artist Jake Parker, who goes by the username “Peejeet,” creates single panel cartoons without any dialogue. 

The cartoons are a mix of surrealism and dark humor, often depicting strange scenarios such as an anthropomorphic banana that’s just been shot in the head by an anthropomorphic bullet, or a cat that has been turned into a zombie by its owner who appears to be using some sort of magic spell to turn it into one of the undead.

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Humorous Comics


Humorous Comics


Humorous Comics


This artist makes humorous one-panel comics without using a single word. The illustrations are often accompanied by captions that are funny or thought-provoking. The artist is a self-taught cartoonist. His work is a mix of surrealism and dark humor. He draws his comics with only one panel, and no words.

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