The 14 Times Mechanics Had Enough and Revealed What They Experienced

Mechanics Revealed: When you look at mechanics and th, eir cars, it’s almost impossible to think that they would be willing to get into a car with someone who was so obviously terrible. But this is what happens every day in the name of getting your car fixed up. We’re not sure how many of these experiences can be shared without being too gross, but we’re sure some of these mechanics have experienced what you’re probably going through right now.

Mechanics Revealed

Our daily transportation vehicles, known as “cars,” have become essential, and going without one can be very uncomfortable. We put a lot of reliance on these vehicles while also expecting them to last for years without any maintenance, but we all know that’s not how it works.

It is perfectly understandable that not everyone is a master at fixing everything and that our metal companions occasionally need love and care, which is why they require experienced mechanics. Scroll down below to enjoy Mechanics Revealed .

#1. Shocked That It Didn’t Detonate Inside The Store

Mechanics Revealed

#2. “I Laughed Much More Than I Should Have at This,”

#3. Hood unfurls. The Hood is immediately laid down. The tech says, “Oh hell no.”

#4. “Real Work Order From One Of Our Technicians At Our Business”

#5. “The customer has been coming for 200k miles and promised to reach 1 million. I’ve been anticipating that day for years, and it finally arrived today when he casually pulled up and requested me to fix his tire.

#6. “The Probability That A Single Four-Leaf Clover Will Root Into A Fender Line”

Mechanics Revealed

#7. The car makes a cartoonish noise.

#8. In addition to having to sign a waiver before releasing the car, the customer “refused all four tires on a rainy day.”

#9. Just scuttled out from under a malfunctioning lift.

Mechanics Revealed

#10. The police brought something back, and I work at a rental company.

#11. The elevator becomes stuck to the ground. To Unstick, Tug On The String

#12. I’m fairly certain that I’m younger than the tires.

Mechanics Revealed

#13. It finally happened after 16 years of writing services. a glovebox full of gloves

#14. “This Is Possibly The Last of These I Will Ever See. Jaguar XJ220 With Only 3,000 Miles on It

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