Strange and Dark Comics by Space Boy Can’t Lol with Twisted Endings

Strange and Dark Comics by Space Boy Can’t Lol with Twisted Endings

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Space Boy Cant Lol is a comic creator who likes to have fun and create comics. Looking up to an artist who loves to create, he thought it would be fun to do comics featuring twisted endings and dark humor. The first comic dedicated to twisted endings was released and it was funny, extremely funny.

In the world of comics, there is a whole lot of dark, twisted, and weird stuff going on, but that does not mean that it doesn’t have a lot of extreme quality. In fact, we’d all be doing those readers a disservice if we didn’t give them something unique and awesome. If you’re a fan of comics, then this blog is for you. This site covers comics from a humorous and twisted perspective, along with some horror and freaky content as well.

In this blog series, Space Boy Cant Lol will be doing a bit of comic-based parody. Each article will feature an illustrated or written story that features a dark ending or twist. This blog series is not pornographic, because it’s not intended to be. It’s meant to be funny and sarcastic.


Dark Comics






Dark Comics




Dark Comics



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