Oddly Terrifying: 15 Images That Will Give You Chills

Oddly Terrifying: Of The Most Unsettling Images That Will Give You Chills is a collection of creepy, surreal and monstrous photos depicting beautiful subjects. The book takes you on a journey through the macabre world of art–from modern grotesque to ancient symbolism and folklore.

Oddly Terrifying

There is always something about frightening and strange imagery that attracts viewers, and once viewed, individuals are unable to ignore or look away from them. Despite the fact that these photographs are awful, they are the source of insomnia for many individuals. These images are being shared all over the internet and have some of the greatest followings.

Also, there’s something about ancient abandoned sites that makes you know something is wrong with them, which is why they’re so unsettling and frightening to look upon. We must accept the fact that we live in a universe where many frightening animals are also a part of us. And we are aware of it.

#1. The beauty and surrealism of this biblically accurate angel!

Oddly Terrifying

#2. Many people will find that they need to visit an optometrist. since this sight is unusual.

#3. While you’re watching this movie, picture someone touching your feet.

#4. This image is unsettling.

#5. A Lemon-Pac-Man!

#6. Oh my God! Who the hell on earth would hang their clothing on the door in this manner?

Oddly Terrifying

#7. These ancient fossils are quite interesting.

#8. The very worst nightmare possible when using the restroom.

#9. A whale skeleton appears like this.

Oddly Terrifying

#10. This image makes me feel awful!

#11. You’ll feel uneasy looking at this image of a dog screaming.

#12. Hello, I just need to speak with you.

Oddly Terrifying

#13. Even so, is this real?

#14. I didn’t even realize the iris might fall out.

#15. The size of a house centipede!

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