Comics About A wholesome Alligator To Promote Good Feelings

Comics: An alligator was walking through the forest when he saw a pile of bones. He asked a bear what happened, and the bear told him that it was a lion. The alligator replied, “Wow. You really had a rough day!”

This comic is about an alligator that walks through the forest and sees some bones and asks what happened to them. The bear replies that they are from some lions. The alligator then replies, “Wow! You really had a rough day!” This comic is meant to be funny, but also spreads some positive vibes to those who read it because there is no harm in being nice to other creatures on earth.


The idea is to have the alligator post a comic every day on Instagram with a positive message. The comics will vary from cute animals to inspirational quotes. The main goal of this project is to generate some happiness and bring positivity in people’s lives through comics.

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This section will talk about the comics about a wholesome alligator to spread some positive vibes. This section is designed for those who are looking for wholesome comics to put in positive vibes. Tired of the negativity around you? These comics are perfect for you. Click here!

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