Anton Gudim Yes, But Illustrations You May Find Relatable

Anton Gudim’s Yes, But Illustrations You May Find Relatable

The illustrations in this article are by Anton Gudim. He is a Russian artist with a talent for illustrating “Yes, But” moments. This series of illustrations is about the situations that you might relate to. The artist has captured the feelings of every person who has ever said yes and then but at the same time.


This section is about illustrations that Anton Gudim did for a book called Yes, But by James Fenton. These illustrations are meant to show the various reactions people have when they are confronted with something new or unexpected.

Gudim’s illustrations are humorous and relatable because they portray our human flaws. They show how we react when we don’t want to accept something that we don’t understand or know much about it. Anton Gudim is a Russian artist who has created a series of illustrations that will make you think about the way you live your life.

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The series is called “Yes, But” and it features various scenes where people are either living in the moment or thinking about what could have been. Click here!

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