The woman caused a scene when the pet shelter refused to let her adopt a dog because she wanted a female

Adopt a Dog: It’s not always an easy journey to adoption. Meet the Reddit user who recently revealed her moving adoption story and discussed the difficulties she had looking for a four-legged friend. Her experience as a dog walker had taught her to recognize the subtle differences in behavior between male and female dogs, which is why she was looking for a female dog friend.

Adopt a Dog

But when the shelter employee didn’t agree with her decision, her journey took an unexpected turn, and she started to wonder if her desire for a female dog was wrong.

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1. Have you ever thought that if someone wanted to prefer one gender of dog over another, they would have to ask the internet if they were an AH? Not me, but this is where we are now.

2. OP went to a nearby shelter to satisfy her craving for a dog adoption and informed the woman who was tending to her that she was looking for a female puppy.

3. She gave an explanation of her experiences as a babysitter and why she disliked the behavior that a male dog displayed when the woman asked her why she preferred a female dog over a male one.

4. OP was clear about why she needed a female dog and I think the choice should be respect. The lady was supposed to do exactly what OP asked.

5. However, the woman who was giving OP a tour claimed that her views on male dogs made her uneasy about allowing OP to acquire a dog.

6. OP felt really confused and left the shelter. However, the confusion made her share her story with the internet to ask if her thoughts about the male dogs made her an AH or not.

Source: ayyynzzlee

7. The woman running the shelter ought to have kept her mouth shut and given OP what she wanted.

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8. The explanations provided by the OP weren’t made up. Those were actual events from real life. She had given the decision to get a female dog much deliberation.

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9. The fact that the person in question went to a shelter to adopt a dog and was turned away because she wanted a female dog rather than a male is absurd. Whoa.

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10. Her supervisor ought to be aware of this.

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