Sergio Odeith’s 3D murals may cause you to look twice (15 Pics)

3D Murals

3D Murals: These 3D Murals Painted By Sergio Odeith Might Make You Look Twice In a minute, these murals take you on an unforgettable journey into the world’s most exotic and remote places. The beauty and simplicity of these 3D murals by Sergio Odeith is astonishing. And with the graceful curves, it looks like they were painted by professional artists on canvas, not a stick-on mural!

3D Murals

These murals are painted not with paint but instead by using the reflection of light in a mirror plate to create a three-dimensional painting. The result is an accurate and high-quality image that cannot be achieved in any other way.

Although they are not real, these 3D murals look so lifelike that you might think they are. When you travel around the world and want to Google a place name, what do you usually do? Search for it on Google maps or simply try to remember its location with the help of a street index.

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3D Murals






3D Murals




3D Murals

#10.3D Murals



3D Murals




Sergio’s murals are a world of their own. From the outside, they look like regular 3D murals, but once you walk inside, your eyes will be drawn to an extraordinary sight.

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