20 Silly Single-Panel illustrations by Joseph Nowak

Humor Side Comics: A Canadian illustrator living in Berlin named Joseph Nowak has been producing humorous single-panel comics for almost eight years. The artist shows all kinds of absurd notions that cross his mind in his comics, and they never fail to make his followers giggle.

Humor Side Comics

A funny style of humor that captures the core of a joke or punchline in a single frame is silly one-panel comics. These comics use a condensed and effective format to elicit laughter and delight through brilliant visual clues, brief storytelling, and surprising turns.

Although the visuals in humorous single-panel comics can take many different forms, they frequently use straightforward and emotive styles. The visual components are intended to heighten the comedic effect because the emphasis is on delivering the punchline or amusing premise.

Illustrator and cartoonist Joseph Nowak, also known online as Nowak Draws, has gained over 13,000 Instagram followers. His straightforward, one-panel comics are humorous and insightful about daily living. I hope you will enjoy these comics great fully.

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Humor Side Comics






Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics





Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics


Humor Side Comics

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