20 Comics Packed With Silly Humor And Absurd Situations

Humor Side Comics: Additionally, throughout the past few years, I’ve made an effort to keep my drawings simple by omitting unnecessary features and backdrops. I picture it as a little stage, with just the actors on it and some furniture like a table and chairs. My humor is also a little bit cerebral. Though I believe sometimes my humor makes you pause and reflect, not everyone can appreciate the jokes.

Humor Side Comics

We’re back with more absurd and humorous comics. This time, Tomversation toons is shown. This artist makes single-panel, vintage comics. They are chock-full of bizarre characters, twists and turns, and scenarios that not many of us encounter.

Newspaper comics have a certain nostalgic quality, and this artist’s style is extremely reminiscent of them. The comics are quite simple, but they also have a lot of expression and detail. The artist likes to play word games. Even occasionally, he uses a little black humor in his comics.

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Humor Side Comics






Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics





Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics


Humor Side Comics

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