19 Humor Comics That will Boost Your Mood

Humor Side Comics: Artist DAVE BLAZEK has created 19 humorous comics that will surely put a smile on your face. His artwork is unique and funny, and it will definitely boost your mood. He uses a variety of techniques to create his comics, including satire, irony, and visual puns. His work is sure to make you laugh out loud as you enjoy the witty humor he has created. With these 19 comics, DAVE BLAZEK has proven himself to be an incredibly talented artist who can bring joy to anyone who reads his work.

Humor Side Comics

Humor, as defined, is anything that makes others laugh. The joke “A conductor was recently electrocuted, proving, after all, that he was a good conductor” may be hilarious (to some), but a smile is also amusing. Any activity that can be amusing can be considered workplace humor, whether it be watching The Office episodes while eating lunch or playing table football during a break.

Many individuals believe that in order for anything to be hilarious, it must make them laugh. And although comedians can use that as a barometer of their success, the same cannot be said for workplace humor. Humor is anything that makes people smile, make them breathe, relax, or feel happy.

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Humor Side Comics






Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics





Humor Side Comics




Humor Side Comics

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