The Worst And Funniest Things 13 Technical Support Employees Saw While on Duty

Technical Support Employees: Technical support workers don’t get a lot of glamour. They help users with their technical problems, so you wouldn’t think they’d have the best stories to tell. But they do! These are some of the most hilarious things we’ve ever seen them see on duty.

Technical Support Employees

To be honest, in the eyes of their parents and grandparents, every child or grandchild works as a technical support worker. This is a result of their limited ability to comprehend how technologies operate. My grandfather once brought me his laptop, which had a black screen. He expected me to fix it with ease because he wanted to fix it myself.

The laptop entered sleep mode after being idle for five minutes; all it took was a tap on the trackpad to wake it up (that was the setting it was set to). Since I put the laptop in “never go to sleep” mode, he hasn’t experienced this problem. He gave me money as well as a thank you.

#1. Who or what did this poor thing endure?

Technical Support Employees

#2. Plastic surgery is required for this Laptop.

#3. While the person holding it was making their way to their car, it was dropped. They had just left a Super Bowl celebration.

#4. A tech-savvy aunt claims that this is how she prefers to use her phone. It functions better.

#5. This grandfather tightened a screw in the phone’s headphone jack.

#6. The disc drive wouldn’t start. This was the thing that was stuck inside when I eventually got it to function. Someone engaged in a protracted game.

Technical Support Employees

#7. That one was mine.

#8. He made a last-minute adjustment by bending the pins so the cable would plug in.

#9. What you saw were holes that a gamer put into the mouse to make it lighter and give him a “edge”. only if it functions.

Technical Support Employees

#10. How many times did this person connect in their USB receiver, and in what manner?

#11. There is a wire somewhere that must be plugged in for the internet to function once more.

#12. a magnetic disc that serves as a system restore. That would safeguard the diskette.

Technical Support Employees

#13. Give it a shot in the rice.

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