10 Times Orange Cats Acting So Dorky, according to One Orange Braincell

This is a story about a cat that is in love with an orange and how it tries to get the orange. The orange was on top of the shelf and the cat had to jump up to get it. The cat jumped up but missed the orange and fell on its back. The cat tried again but still missed. It tried one more time, but this time it landed on its head, which made it dizzy.

Orange Cats Acting

There is a new cat in town and it is called the orange cat. The orange cats are fluffy and they act so dorky. The orange cats are not like any other cats because they have a different color than any other cats. They are also very fluffy and they act so dorky when they play around with their toys. 

In the first chapter of the book, the author tells about a cat named Orange who is in a tree. He is acting so dorky and not like himself at all. One day, when Orange was in the tree, he saw a dog and he was so scared that he jumped down from the tree to get away from it. He ran and ran until he couldn’t run any more.

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Orange Cats Acting






Orange Cats Acting




Orange Cats Acting


The next morning when Orange woke up, he felt better than ever! He felt happy and confident again! I think the orange cat is very cute because it is so fluffy and it acts so dorky when it plays around with its toys.

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