Times Comics Perfectly Summed Up The Internet

Times Comics Perfectly Summed Up The Internet

The comics artist of the infamous Times Comics series perfectly summed up the internet with his exaggerated, comical illustrations. In a world where memes are the currency of social media and we often find ourselves struggling to keep track with all the trends, it’s refreshing to find an artist who has perfectly captured our current relationship with the internet.

This section highlights how Times Comics perfectly summed up our internet-dominated lives, by exaggerating its effects on our mental health and social development. The internet is a wide and wild space. Sometimes it can be confusing, overwhelming, and downright wrong. But when we need a break from the noise, there are always comics to remind us what’s really important.

The New York Times has a beautiful selection of comics that will make you laugh and think at the same time. We recommend checking out: Awkward Moments with Steve; Lola and Mr. Whiskers; The Great Wave; What If; The Singularity; Late Bloomer; Oblivious Dad.











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