21 People Who Were Against Having Pets Until They Met A Furry Friend

There are those who, for various reasons, would never let pets inside their home. Animal care might be difficult for some people, while others detest having an animal’s hair around the house. Some people would not permit any more pets in the house because they currently have pets.

Against Having Pets

Through this collection of inspiring makeovers, we hope to highlight the importance of proactive pet parenting and encourage others to take action if their furry companions are struggling with weight issues. Remember, with commitment and love, any cat can embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

When they met their furry pals, everyone who had ever said, “They do not want a pet” or “They would never allow a pet in their house,” was proven to be mistaken. Anybody’s decision can be changed by a cute tiny puppy.

1. Though I’ve never desired a cat, I now have a folder dedicated to storing the photos of this man.

© Mariza Segovia / Facebook

2. Mum: “Oh my goodness, cats are so filthy! An animal like that is unfit to be brought home.

© Dany Arias / Facebook

3. “My dad and mom wouldn’t let me get my son a dog, so I just brought the one I rescued home with me.”

© Ashantress Ligne Martignon / Facebook

4. “My mother used to say that she wasn’t allowed inside the house, but now that she’s a baby, she says yes.”

© Anielk Her / Facebook


© Alessandra Hernandez Tavara / Facebook


© Madeleyne V Orobio / Facebook

7. “His granddaughter, whom he said he didn’t want”

© Madeleyne V Orobio / Facebook

8. “Yes, my father loves my kittens more than he loves me, and he didn’t want us to adopt them.”

© Nohemi LC / Facebook

9. Me: “Nope, we can’t adopt her.”

© Bustos Delgado Paulina / Facebook


© Carolina Restrepo / Facebook

11. “I wasn’t a cat person before. This little guy is my entire life right now.

© Luna Mena / Facebook


© Carolina Inostroza Quiroz / Facebook

13. “A few days later, my dad told me that this was his dog and not mine anymore. He didn’t want dogs either.”

© Pao Gonzalez / Facebook

14.”I was a person who was completely against cats. Right now, we have two.

© Tere Morales Silva / Facebook


© Kattia Delgado / Facebook

16. Since my kids were still very little and I felt that owning a puppy would be too much work, at first, I wasn’t interested in getting a puppy. I now adore my Rockoberto as though he were my young child.

© Janeth Garcia / Facebook

17. Dad: No cats, please. We already have two dogs in the house.

© July Arlene Velasco / Facebook

18.When your father says he’s not a dog lover:

© Daniela Acosta / Facebook

19. Me: Cats aren’t my thing. I wouldn’t touch a cat you brought in, and he wouldn’t be able to come into my bed or couch.

© Fabiola D. Aguiar / Facebook

20. After saying, “We are never going to have a cat,” I now look after this lovely woman who has been residing with us for six years.

© Delia Clara Espinoza / Facebook

21. Husband said: No cats in the house.

© Yaned Patricia Atehortua / Facebook

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