You’re sure to love these four-part 5 new Pixies and Brutus comics

You’re sure to love these four-part 5 new Pixies and Brutus comics

1. Pixies

Pixies is a band formed in 1986 by singer/guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering. Their music is known for its dark sound and lyrics about depression, loneliness, and isolation. The band’s name comes from their first album, Doolittle (1989), which was named after Bob Dylan’s song “Subterranean Homesick Blues”.

2. Brutus

Brutus is a Canadian punk rock band based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Formed in 1995, they have released two studio albums, three EPs, and five singles. The band consists of vocalist/bassist Mike Parkes, guitarist/vocalist Dave Monks, and drummer Chris Murphy.

3. New Pixies comic book

The new Pixies comic book is written by Joe Keatinge and illustrated by Jock. It features the band’s classic lineup of Santiago, Lovering, and bassist Kim Deal. The story follows the band’s journey from their early days in Boston to their rise to fame in the 1990s.

4. Brutus comic book

The new Brutus comic book is written by Jock and illustrated by Nick Runge. It follows the band’s history since forming in 1995 and includes stories about their time together and their breakup.


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