Clueless Hero, a comic book series by these creators, is set in a fictional video game universe

In this series, the protagonist, called Cliff, has a typical gaming story. His whole world is about to change as he meets a girl who introduces him to new adventures. The stories are humorous and can be read for free on the internet.

Clueless Hero a comic book series 

She introduces him to new adventures like how to cook pasta or how to win at war games without having much experience with them himself. The comic is full of humor and can be read online for free! Clueless Hero is a comic series that is set in a fictional gaming world. The comics depict the adventures of two main characters, and their interactions with the different worlds in which they live.

The artists behind this series are writers, artists, and game developers from China. They’re trying to explore the idea of what it’s like to be a gamer who also battles against player-killing and power-leveling. This comic has been widely popular on social media platforms like Tumblr and Facebook due to its humorous jokes and relatable content.

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Clueless Hero a comic book series


Clueless Hero a comic book series




Clueless Hero a comic book series


These artists create a series called Clueless Hero that tells a story in a fictional gaming world. The series is focused on creative aspects related to games and how they affect the people around them.

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